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Project Management

At Bsmart Publishing your get end to end solutions for all your project management needs. Our team would be happy to deliver customized project management services based on your specific requirements. We offer project management services for books, journals and reference works. Under the umbrella of project management there are various services covered, namely copyediting, liaison with editors or publishers, typesetting and author liaison. We strive hard to deliver all projects on time.

There is a lot that goes into making a successful book. At every step you need the assistance of an expert. Bsmart Publishing is the expert that you were looking for. We offer the best book publishing services in India.

Rely upon the dedicated services of our team. They effectively manage all the aspects of your project and adhere to the decided timelines. The dedicated project management system is comprehensive yet flexible. In minimum time you get highly effective and efficient services. The best part is that all our project management services are customized.

Get in touch with us for –

  • Full time project management services
  • Part time project management services
  • In-house project management software
  • Liaison with multiple client or author

7 years of experience in Project management services

With years of experience up their sleeve, the team ensures that you get just the best. At no point will you make any compromise with quality. You can choose from our on-site model, off-site model or hybrid model.

To know more about how our project management services can benefit you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.



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